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Photo via Flickr NAVFAC Creative CommonsThroughout the twentieth century asbestos was widely used in many settings, including manufacturing, commercial, education and domestic.

However, far from being the ‘miracle' material many people understood it to be, it transpired that asbestos was in fact a time bomb; of the millions in the UK who suffered asbestos exposure, hundreds of thousands have gone on to develop deadly illnesses such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

What were the benefits of asbestos?

The main reason asbestos was the material of choice for so many uses was because of its heat resistance and insulation properties.

This meant that it was commonly used in ship building, construction and plumbing as well as various other sectors.

Another benefit was its relative cheapness and ease of availability, with the most productive asbestos mines being situated in South Africa and Canada.

Asbestos and flooring

During the early years of the 1950s asbestos flooring became extremely popular, both in Britain and across the world.

It was seen as desirable because of its durability, heat resistance, affordability and adaptability to multiple environments.

In fact, asbestos was so widely used in vinyl flooring that much of it still survives today, often without the owner or tenant of the contaminated space even realising this. Although the risk posed by asbestos flooring is relatively low if the product is undisturbed, when it becomes disturbed or damaged, there is a risk of exposure and, potentially, the development of an asbestos-related illness. As such, cutting, drilling and removal of asbestos flooring should only ever be carried out by a suitably qualified professional.

Flooring contractors' claims

All too often during the twentieth century, flooring contractors sawed, drilled, cut, installed and removed asbestos flooring. As such, many have gone on to develop illnesses such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, often many decades after the exposure.

If you believe that your asbestos illness (or that of a close family member) was caused by exposure to asbestos while working as a flooring contractor, contact Asbestos Claim Centre today to discuss the possibility of claiming compensation.

Even in cases where the employer has gone out of business, we can trace the relevant liability insurer and thus ensure suitable justice for all. Call 0800 508 8747 or submit an online enquiry form so that we can begin to fight for your rights.

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