Woman says she contracted mesothelioma from washing overalls

A 72-year-old woman from Lenham – a village in Kent – is seeking asbestos compensation after being diagnosed with the terminal lung cancer mesothelioma. She claims to have been exposed to the deadly fibre weekly for eight years when she washed the work overalls of her father and husband.

During the 1960s and 1970s, her family members worked at a tile factory, the products made there allegedly contained asbestos. The sufferer recalls regularly finding the work overalls covered in fine grey dust before washing them.

Speaking to her local newspaper, the mesothelioma sufferer said, "I remember shaking them out of the back door to get the dust off before washing them and turning out the pockets full of the stuff."

After visiting the doctor with breathing difficulties last year, an x-ray revealed the 72-year-old to be suffering with mesothelioma. Her health has since deteriorated; she has suffered weight loss and has had to have her lungs drained.

Currently living on state pension, she is hoping asbestos compensation will pay for her care.

A spokesman of the company in question has not confirmed the historic presence of asbestos at the site.

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