Man who put people at risk of asbestos exposure is fined

Industrial disease compensation is commonly claimed decades after asbestos exposure due to the 'time delay' in symptoms arising.

Residents of a house in Putney will now live with the worry that they could develop an asbestos-related illness later in life because of a man who removed asbestos from their home without a licence.

When the owner of a three-story town house in south-west London upgraded his central heating system, plumbers identified that the material of the boiler cupboard In the loft could contain asbestos.

After contacting a business listed on CheckaTrade as an asbestos removal company, the home owner instructed a trader, and his assistant, to proceed with the removal. The homeowner observed boards of asbestos containing material - which were neither bagged nor wrapped to prevent the potential spread of asbestos – being carried down the stairs.

Discovering dust and debris in and around the loft, the owner contacted an asbestos surveying company who, after testing the area, discovered it was significantly contaminated. The analysis suggested that what had been witnessed being carried out of the house was likely to have beeen asbestos insulation board.

Consequently, a licensed asbestos removal company had to be contacted to remove the material properly.

The incident was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive who found that the man in question had removed 8m² of asbestos insulation board poorly, and put himself, his assistant and residents of the house at risk of exposure. The man was fined £2,500 under Regulation 11(1) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

If you have been exposed to asbestos and subsequently diagnosed as suffering from an asbestos related disease, you may be entitled to industrial disease compensation.

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