Medical researchers and mesothelioma victim work together to find cure

Medical researchers and victims of mesothelioma in Australia have united in their quest to find a cure for the asbestos disease, mesothelioma. A builder who spent many years handling asbestos materials – diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2010 – met Larry Graham on a charity fundraising walk from Kalgoorie to Perth shortly after his diagnosis, and the pair have since been working together to raise money to fund a team researching cures for the disease.

Graham is a former Australian politician who was involved in closing down the country's largest blue asbestos mine in 2007. Wittenoom, in Western Australia, was a mining town that supplied blue asbestos and posed great health risks to the neighbouring area. Impressed by the dedication of the former builder suffering with mesothelioma, Graham focused on helping him and medical researchers find a cure.

"No-one has ever survived it, it's a terrible disease," Graham told ABC Australia. "We're trying to find a cure, and thankfully in Western Australia we have some extraordinarily good scientists who are literally part of the world leading team that's researching the disease — they just need money."

As director of the Reflections through Reality Foundation, Graham has been working with the mesothelioma sufferer to raise money for scientific research through the sales of his autobiography that details his journey with the terminal lung cancer.

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