Veteran and MP campaign for fairer mesothelioma compensation

While the MoD has recently announced the change in its compensation rules to allow armed forces veterans to receive the same amount of asbestos-related disease compensation as civilians, sufferers diagnosed before the 16 December remain ineligible.

Consequently, a Royal Navy veteran from Hertfordshire who is suffering with mesothelioma approached his local newspaper to warn fellow veterans of the terminal lung cancer. As he was diagnosed before the Ministry of Defence's changes, the veteran – along with approximately 60 others suffering in the UK - is currently not able to apply for the same compensation available to civilians.

First boarding a naval ship in 1958, the Hertfordshire man worked in the engine and boiler rooms for several years, meaning he was frequently tasked with removing asbestos. He wants the MoD to review their decision to exclude those diagnosed before the specified date from full compensation.

MP for St. Albans Anne Main is also urging the Government to include both current and future victims of mesothelioma in the compensation changes.

She said, "I've asked if the new scheme will be extended to those on the War Disablement Pension. There are currently around 60 veterans who fall into this category who are unable to apply for the new compensation award.

"It is extremely important that members of the Armed Forces face no disadvantage simply because of military service."

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