£1 million bill for asbestos removal at Birmingham primary school

The dangerous nature of asbestos means the removal process can be costly and time-consuming. However, for people's safety and to avoid any future asbestos compensation claims, it is important that removal work is done properly and by licensed, competent contractors.

For Hill West Primary School in Four Oaks, Birmingham, the presence of asbestos in one of their buildings has so far cost £1 million and seen many months of work from contractors.

The building in question had to be completely gutted, and pupils have had to be taught in temporary classrooms. Some had to be sent to a secondary school nearby.

Despite the extended process, staff at the school are looking forward to being able to completely redesign the building.

It is extremely important for all buildings – both public and residential – to be effectively checked and maintained so as to protect people from asbestos exposure.

For more information on the safety procedures concerning asbestos, visit the Health and Safety Executive's website here.

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