Lancashire man with mesothelioma awarded six-figure asbestos compensation

Asbestos claim solicitors have worked with a mesothelioma sufferer to secure a six-figure compensation sum for his debilitating illness. The 78-year-old father-of-two from West Craven in Lancashire was first exposed to asbestos more than 60 years ago when he began working as an apprentice plumber for a national retailer between 1955 and 1959.

The job involved maintaining pipes and heating systems which were frequently lagged with asbestos. He regularly worked in badly ventilated areas which meant the fibre contaminated his clothes.

After this job, he spent a year working as a plumber for a car manufacturer where, again, he was responsible for manually removing asbestos from heating pipes and boilers.

The claimant was not informed about the dangers of the fibre or provided with protective equipment in either employment.

When he began to suffer from shortness of breath, the GP referred him to a chest specialist.

Unfortunately, the man's condition deteriorated so severely and he had to have 1.5 litres drained from his lungs in hospital. Members of his family say that he has lost his independence and that he has already suffered at the hands of mesothelioma once already as another close relative has already died from the disease.

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