Understanding compensation for mesothelioma

Asbestos Claim Centre exists to help you achieve the compensation for mesothelioma you deserve, whether you have been diagnosed with the illness yourself or are making a claim following the loss of a loved one. Whatever the case, we aim to handle your claim with as much speed, meticulousness and sensitivity as possible.

At Asbestos Claim Centre we have a commitment to transparency and plain English, making the process straightforward and clear. Where needed, our asbestos claim solicitors visit you at home to ensure the claims process causes the minimum level of inconvenience.

Call 0800 508 8747 to speak with a solicitor. Alternatively, submit an online enquiry form.

Time limits

Whether you are instructing an asbestos disease solicitor to claim damages through the civil courts or are looking to secure government benefits available to you, there are strict time limits in place.

For example, when instructing a solicitor to claim mesothelioma compensation, you must ensure that it is within three years of the date of diagnosis; discretions are made in only the most exceptional of circumstances.

Tracing employers

Even if your former employer has ceased to trade, it is still possible to make a claim. Companies can be restored to the Register of Companies, thereby allowing you to claim compensation from the relevant liability insurer. There are databases available to help with these processes, and, even where no records can be found, it may still be possible to trace both employer and insurer.

Furthermore, when making a claim for an illness diagnosed after July 2012, the government has established an asbestos compensation fund to help claimants unable to trace the relevant insurance company.

Contact Asbestos Claim Centre today

Here at the Asbestos Claim Centre we can help you secure compensation for mesothelioma, covering all your losses, including past and future earnings, medical expenses, the cost of care and other expenses – for example, illness may have affected your ability to clean your own home, causing you to incur extensive cleaning costs.

Furthermore, it may be possible – without affecting the size of your or your family's award – to claim for the cost of hospice care, thereby allowing the hospice to secure valuable funds to assist with its function.

The claim process

To find out more about the mesothelioma claim process, speak with one of our mesothelioma solicitors on 0800 508 8747. We will be happy to address any concerns specific to your case and your circumstances.

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Time frames for asbestos claims

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