Asbestos disease claims time frames in the UK

For most personal injury claims in the UK there is a time limit of three years in which a civil claim for compensation must be commenced.

This means that if solicitors are not instructed within this timeframe the claim will be time-barred or statute barred. However, the countdown to the three year deadline can begin at one of two times; either the date from which the accident occurred or the date at which the injury or illness caused by the accident was diagnosed or became known.

It is this latter deadline which is pertinent to asbestos disease claims. This is because it is usually not until many decades after exposure to asbestos fibres that diseases such as mesothelioma become symptomatic.

In cases of asbestos disease claims made by family members of a deceased party, the three year limitation period begins from the date of the person's passing or, alternatively, three years from the date at which an inquest, doctor or other clinician ruled that the death was attributable to asbestos.

Furthermore, if an asbestos illness sufferer has already commenced a claim for compensation but dies at some point during the process of that claim, leaving it unresolved, the three year deadline begins again from the date of death; this is to allow family members time to grieve as well as to make all the adjustments that will be necessary prior to beginning litigation.

Additionally, if a claim is being made for the death of a parent who passed away before the claimant reached eighteen years of age, the time limit begins at the time of his or her eighteenth birthday, unless, of course, that person has already received compensation with the help of a ‘litigation friend'.

Asbestos Claim Centre

Asbestos Claim Centre offer advice to asbestos sufferers and their families regarding their legal rights and possible entitlement to compensation. Our solicitors specialise in this complex area of law and have helped hundreds of clients claim the full settlements they deserve.

We have an excellent success rate and have even achieved compensation for clients whose former employers have gone out of business – we have demonstrable expertise in tracing insurers and ensuring payout.

Whether you need to claim for asbestosis, mesothelioma, pleural thickening or asbestos lung cancer, if the diagnosis or date of death is within the last three years, we may be able to help you secure compensation.

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