Seth Lovis & Co Solicitors Limited has ceased all trading operations and will not be accepting new client matters. For all ongoing cases, clients will receive a communication to detail the next steps in relation to their file. Any individual queries can be directed to To assist you with your query, some FAQs are set out below.

Question: I have an ongoing case matter, who will be dealing with this going forward?

Response: The firm has taken steps to ensure that you have ongoing representation by a firm who is expert in the relevant area of law. You should have received a letter advising who this firm is and, if they have not already done so, they will be in direct contact with you very shortly. Any individual queries can be directed to

Question: I am owed money in respect of my case by the firm, how will I get this paid now?

Response: Monies held by Seth Lovis & Co. Solicitors Limited in their client account will be distributed by the solicitor manager who has been appointed to deal with client related matters. Any individual queries can be directed to

Question: I want my matter to be handled by a new firm of my choice. How do I get my file back?

Response: The new firm will require a signed letter of authority from you. You should make contact with the firm you have been advised have received your file and they will arrange for the new firm to sign a lien for any costs that are outstanding in respect of the work already done and pass the file over.

Question: I believe that I am owed money by Seth Lovis & Co Solicitors Limited and / or that I have a claim against the firm. What should I do?

Response: Please send details of your claim, together with any relevant supporting documentation, to